Monday, July 31, 2006

i googled "loud sex" hotel housekeeping and came up with nada

ok this is apropos of nothing, well it has to do with hearing loud sex thru the wall of my hotel room last night. actually, it wasn't even that loud. just a rhythmic thump for a minute or so at midnight. i let it go. however, apparently someone else hadn't. as this is a hotel room, you can hear everything people say in the hallway. so it was crystal clear when some man with a spanish accent knocked on my next-door neighbors' door and announced himself as "housekeeping". next door3 they were exceedingly polite and told him he'd made a mistake. he got opn his squawky-talky and asked some dude "oh what room did you say it was? OHHHH.' yeah right. this is called the "loud sex housekeeping visit." i recognized it immediately becausee i was once a recipient.

see once me and the awesome girl (see previous post) were having loud hotel sex at 2am. actually, i though it was quiet hotel sex, but there you go, walls be thin. at any rate, at 2am i get teh spanish GUY sayhing "housekeeping.." (yeah right, when is housekeeping EVAR a guy). with him i wasn't so polite... after all, he'd interrupted my cunnilingus.

at least you listen to me, blog.

it's funny how i return here whenever i'm depressed... or in that weird half-stoned state where you REALLY WANT TO WRITE. no matter how much sense it doesn't make (see the followiong three or so posts).

I don't actually remember putting those ones up, except i guess i do. I had a gf i didn't like that much for a little ofver a year (see the first few posts to unlock the mystery as to how that could have happened). And then i dumped her cold and coldheartedly and blah blah blah. Then i wrote a few blog posts, went to this work convention thingy, and met this awesome girl.

And of course karma, being a bitch, has come to bite my nuts off. This girl became more and more awesome as time went on. we even did anal, and she thought i was brilliant for my insertion style. On my frist time! BILL FRIST TIME!

And of course she's way far away, but we like spent twenty or so nites together in the last four months, WHICH SI KINDA A LOT WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT. i mean, think of allthe four month reltaioshipos you've had (they're the most common kind). Did you sleep iwth that person (not fuck) like twenty times about? YEs you did. About twenty. So this was a VERY REAL FOUR MONTHER> and i got dumped, but like over the phone, and not exactly dumped. Like i was fading from her view and she helped rub me out more. SO NOW I AM DEPRESSED>

DEar lord,
do not let me date anyone in my state.

unless by "date" we're talking about "establish aN EMOTionally vacant booty call schema."

thank you,