Thursday, September 07, 2006


i heard this report on npr i think when i was in college, this native spanish speaker was complaining about his corrupt government, wait this might have been TV, whatever: point is: Dude had this great sentence: "in america, you have a word, it is accountability." i loved how he pronounced "accountability." i loved how he lovecd the concept of accountability. accountability is indeed a strong concept, up there with fairness and honesty. anyway, here is some accountability "housekeeping" as they say in the biz:

1) no phone secks since sunday. i am keeping detail;ed notes in my paper journal, which is trez importantez. full spendage records too. so i KNOW how much i'm slipping or saving month to month. the goal is to slip no more than i already have and start actually making back up some ground. in month of sept so far one psc. well threee if you count "after midnight on aug 31/sept 1" which i guess i should. will i ? i don't know.

2. at work today i need to do two things: 1. HDV out to tami. 2. plan E tools fully.

ok! check back at 6:14.


Blogger customer said...

wait but my statement says two + the two on the "first" (after midnight on the 31st aka). how this be? are tehy screwing me even more than i know i'm screwing myself? ugh.

9:51 AM  

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