Thursday, September 07, 2006

i have a dreams

-you totally love ann belle (i did! In the dream i was so ashamed and so floored by the self-realization WOW!) maybe it's cuz i don't totally hate her now that she's mellowed? i don't know.

--something sexual that was pretty awesome for a minute, can't r emember what it was though.

--amy doing standup pretty well. she is not known for her sense of humor. her big joke was "how come all these minnesotans talk about how SMART they are, it's like, do some math and show me! all i hear is talk!" and that made kiirs laugh, she was sitting next to me. she thought it was funny/true. in real life she wouldn't have liked it, and also i think the reason that popped into my head was two fold: 1) met a minnesotan PR girl named bridget last night at the hP thing, of course she was blonde and tall and had a nordic name like kiirs. however she shoewd no interest in me, boohoo. 2) i secretly think kirrs is not necessarily a good writer (though i've only seen crap examples of work that *I* actually convinced her to just crap out) and by corrollary (not really but whatever) not as intelligent as she puts on. of course. she is smart.

--some stuff about high school, what dream would be complete without it! this one no martyn hooper though. what were the specifics? dammit.


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