Wednesday, September 06, 2006

oh yeah

also kiirs finally contacted me thru the tubese of the internets and that was ok. i am much less UP and DOWN than before, like not as much crying (not any for a while hackturally) but teh hard part is dealing with monotony at the momento. i mean, i even tried to get a date off the internets and then i chickened out because i thought i was doing the same thing, going on a date with a girl whose expectations would lead me to do things i didn't really want to do and i'd feel guilty about trolling for pussnanny and then i'd be their bf even though tehy weren't that attractive anyways.

so i broke the date, sorta. we'll see. i think she has an odd nose, and she looks like she doesn't take very good care of herself. like she's really snmall so she thinks she can not exercize and junk. i'm such a dickface.


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