Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i'm birthday!

i just had a bday yesterday. yaya. i ate pies and got drunk on a schoolnight. fun, and got some random chick's phone number with my "birthday courage" at its peak. livin in park slope you usually can't find a good party on a weeknight so it was up to the burg as things like that ususallyauauaully require.

how am i doing? i don't know. i'm getting lazier by the minute i fear. today was a good day, though, i got shit done and fucked up other shit. oh and i threw my shake weed down the toilet hole and deleted my shake weed dealer from phone. sad day. but happy. i can't have skanky skank weed around because no one will smoke it with me. they all like "good weed" or whatever. my attitude is it's all the fucking same. which is why i buy shitty weed. but tell that to potheads i geuss: your ewed is so like other weeds! there is NO GOOD WEED! haha.

so i guess i'm taking a breka from doing illegal drugs for a while. good move. now i don't have to spiral any further into my own head!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u fuckin suck you PERVERT

10:26 AM  

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