Wednesday, July 27, 2005

yeah the hell you were

cellular is great it's a total retard convention, in it this gjuy is a dumbass and he gets a cellphone call from a sccer mom that's like "i'm kim basingerr and i got kidnapped, help me, give this phone to a police man" and he's like yeah whatevs but he eventually gave it to a cop, that guy from fargo "what the heck ya mean??" guy and then the fargo guy loses interest when skinnheads pretend fight in the lobby, and like brushes the guy off like "fuck kim basinger". so the whatevs guy is like pullin a crime spree - oh yeah, he found a gun he found in the glove compartment in the security guard car he stole from the mom's soccer kid's scool, where he fucked up with foiling the kidnappers who went there to take the kid too, and the whatevs guy just yelled out the kid's name as the bad guys were grabbin the kid.

anywayz, there's tons of car crashes along the way, that obviously is wher the money was spent. it's like a bad episode of 24 that drags on forever with a retard as jack bauer.


Friday, July 22, 2005